Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chap Parker Raised from the Dead

On one Sunday morning service in the old store-front building I was preaching my morning message.  Brother Chap and Sister Edith Parker were sitting in one of the pews on the inside aisle.  When I preach I usually walk up and down the center aisle and I was doing so on this occasion.  All of the sudden Sister Parker screamed out, “Brother Mark!  Chap has stopped breathing!”  I looked and Brother Parker had fallen forward and had his head resting against the pew in front of him.  Immediately others in the Church rushed to join me at the pew.  My wife confirmed that he had no pulse and was not breathing.  He was dead.  Someone said, “Call 911”, and I said, “Wait, let’s pray first”.  We all gathered around and began to call on the Giver of Life.  In about five minutes Brother Parker started breathing, his color returned and he stood up and began to praise the Lord.  He lived another five years after that.  God is truly the one who can raise the dead.

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