Monday, January 10, 2011

Encounter with an Angel in Houston

In the mid eighties I was a young husband, father, and preacher.  I wanted so desperately to do something for the Lord.  For a little over three years we worked as the Youth Pastors of Imperial Valley Assembly of God in Houston, Texas.  This position offered no monetary pay so I worked at a company named Southwest T-Tops.  My duties included traveling all over the greater Houston area by car attempting to convince insurance agents to use our services in repairing and replacing damaged and stolen t-tops in sports cars.  I took my Bible with me daily, and at lunchtime I would often find a quiet place to park and read.  After visiting an agent in a business strip center I pulled down to the deserted end of the business park, set my Bible up on the steering wheel, and flipped it open to read.  When I pulled up I had looked carefully to make sure no one was around and everything was safe, and I had rolled down my window to enjoy the fall breeze.  Before I could look to where my Bible had opened a man spoke to me right outside of my car window and said, “Sir, could you spare something for someone who is hungry?”  It was only a few days until payday and I had no money on me.  I told the man that I was sorry but I had nothing to give him.  He said, “Thank you” and then stepped away from my car to leave.  I looked down at my Bible and these words leaped out at me from Acts chapter three, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have, give I thee, in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth rise up and walk”.  My heart was smitten immediately and I looked out the window to call the man back so I could pray for him, and before my eyes he vanished from sight.  God had sent an angel to visit me.  I learned a valuable lesson that day.  We may not have much money, we may not have much material gain, but we always have something to give.  It is our duty to always be ready to give to every one that asks us.

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