Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Healed of Cancer!

Throughout 2008 Sister Susie Alexander experienced severe abdominal pain and bleeding.  On one particular occasion the pain was so bad she could not walk.  Her daughter, Kelly, took her to the emergency room.  My family and I visited her there and prayed for a miracle.  Over the next several days the hospital ran tests.  Dr. Cox, in Livingston, Texas, scheduled an endoscopy test and found a large polyp growing on the inside wall of her stomach.  He took pictures of this and got a sample.  The sample was sent off and when the results returned it confirmed that Sister Susie had cancer.  The doctor said this was a very rare cancer and it was like a melanoma cancer.  This was even more bad news.  He said the only way to treat this would be to remove all of the area near the growth, which would be half of her stomach. The surgery was scheduled to take place in the Memorial-Herman hospital branch in The Woodlands, Texas. 

The Sunday night before the surgery we had one of “Those Services”.  The Holy Ghost came down and we rejoiced in God’s mighty power.  We prayed for Sister Susie and it seemed that all of Heaven came into the service.  At that moment we all felt that God had worked a miracle.  No more reason to worry – it was now in the Hand’s of God.   The morning of the surgery my Mom and I met Kelly, and Sister Velma Fawbush at the hospital.  We all prayed for Sister Susie again and they wheeled her in for surgery.  Just before the door shut the doctor told us it would be two to three hours before he was finished.  In the waiting room we talked about God’s provision for each of us over the years.  While we were talking a nurse came out and asked us to meet with the doctor in the conference room. We all looked at each other.  It had only been 45 minutes.  What was going on? 

In the room we noticed the doctor had a puzzled look on his face.  Kelly was white and looked frightened.  The doctor began to explain that he had made a small incision and had inserted the camera and his instruments – the only problem was he could not find the cancer.  He showed us the picture that he had gotten from Dr. Cox and pointed and said, “You see in this picture, here is the cancer.”  Then he showed us another picture.  “Here is the picture that I took just a few minutes ago.  As you can see, there is no cancer.”  For few seconds it was dead quiet in that conference room.  Kelly let out a breath and asked the doctor, “What are you telling us?  I am puzzled.”  The doctor smiled and said, “You are not the only one that is puzzled. We all are.”  Then Kelly asked, “What are you going to do?”  The doctor replied, “I do not recommend removing any of her stomach.  She has no cancer.  I recommend that we sew up the incision.  She will be ready to go home in a couple of hours.”  Praise the Lord!  What a miracle. 

Someone asked the doctor, “Are you a believer?” and he said, “Yes.  All I can say is that this is a miracle.” 

In the recovery room we waited for the anesthetic to wear off so we could share the good news with Sister Susie.  Oh, she rejoiced when she finally realized what we were telling her. 

At one point a nurse came in and said, “Are all of you believers?”  “Oh, yes”, we replied.  Then she asked if some of the nurses could come in and thank the Lord with us for this miracle.  The curtains parted and three other nurses joined us in the recovery room.  Right there we all wept and rejoiced and gave God all of the glory for his miracle power. 

A hospital administrator showed up and said, “I just had to stop by and see the miracle.  Word is spreading all over the hospital about what God has done.”
In less than two hours Sister Susie was on her way home.  To this day she is cancer free and she still has the photos of the cancer “Before & After” as proof that God can still perform miracles. 

To God be the glory for the great things he hath done.

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