Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Little Store Front Church (story of the beginning of Pentecostal Lighthouse Church)

After leaving a major Pentecostal denomination we needed a building.  We met in the Big Thicket Property Owner’s (POA) Hall in our area but knew that soon we would have to find a more permanent place to worship for this building had no heat, and though it was August when we started, we knew that fall and winter were on the way.  We had been eyeing the old dilapidated building on the corner of FM 943 and Highway 146 for some time.  I made some calls and finally found the owner of the building.  Her name was Mary Jo Bongiovanni.  At one time she had a bar and nightclub in the building named Ya Ya’s.   After closing the club the building sat vacant for years.  I asked her how much she wanted for it and she said $60,000 dollars.  We were a new church and could not afford that.  She agreed to let us lease the building and that is what we did for the next seven years.  We knew that this was only a temporary thing for we needed a place to call our own.  I spoke to her on several occasions about purchasing the building and she came down to $40,000 dollars but this was still way too much.  One day while praying I felt impressed of the Lord to send her a letter offering her half that much and asked her to finance it for us at 0 % interest.  I typed up the letter and brought it to the Church for us to pray over it.  We sent the letter and a week later she called agreeing to all of our terms.  Praise the Lord!  God turned the situation around and gave us the building at a rate we could afford.

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