Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vision of People Standing in the Gap

Every morning a few of us men would meet at the Church to pray.  One morning while in prayer the Lord showed me a vision of a steep-sided rocky valley.  At one place the valley narrowed and at this spot a few soldiers were fighting a large army.  The place was so narrow that it could easily be defended by just a handful but the soldiers were very tired.  Further up the valley there were more soldiers and some were hiding in the rocks for fear, while others were resting.  Those at the narrow place were “standing in the gap to make up the hedge”.  How much easier their job would have been if they could have only been reinforced by those resting and hiding.  Sometimes it is like this in the Church – so few doing so much while others simply reap the benefits of the faithful.  How much better it would be in the Church if everyone did their fair share.

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