Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dream of God’s Hand

God gave me dream on December 28, 2000 early in the morning.  In that dream we were in a Prayer Meeting at our Church (Pentecostal Lighthouse).  I stood up and shared this dream with the Church in my dream.  It was a dream within a dream.  I saw our Church, Pentecostal Lighthouse, all wrapped up in huge chains from top to bottom.  The chains all intersected at the top of the building on the roof and there was huge padlock keeping them all together.  In my dream I was standing in the parking lot looking up at these chains and the padlock.  Then I asked the Lord out loud, “What does this mean?”  Then a huge hand, larger than our Church, came out of Heaven and touched the padlock with one finger.  The padlock and the chains all disappeared and then I heard the voice of the Lord say, “I am the key to whatever binds you”.  When I related this vision to those in the prayer meeting they all began to run around and shout.  There were even some backsliders in the Prayer Meeting.  Jesus did not hold the key, He is the Key!

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