Monday, January 31, 2011

Vision of Our Church in a Storm

God gave me a vision of our Church back in the early 90’s.  In this vision I saw our old store-front church building floating on a sea.  The waves were moving up and down but the water was not rough.  Our old building had a long covered porch all the way across the front.  There was a member of our church out on the porch watching the waves.  After a few minutes he ran inside the building up to me and said, “Bother Mark, come and see, there is a storm coming.”  I ran out on the porch with him and looked but I did not see the storm at first.  “Where is the storm, I do not see it?” I asked him.  He pointed out to the sea and I looked and on the top of the water was little miniature twister (typhoon) that was not even knee high, and I thought to myself that was not much to fear.  Then right before my eyes that little twister began to grow until it towered over the Church.  The waves began to splash all around us, the wind was howling, and our little Church was bucking up and down in the storm.  All we could do was hang on and pray.  That was how the vision ended.  I did not realize all that this dream meant until a few weeks afterward when a small matter in our Church grew out of control and caused our Church to go through a terrible storm.  This vision was God’s way of warning me and sending me to my knees to pray.

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