Saturday, January 8, 2011

Miracle in the Old Bible

Not long after my mother gave her heart to the Lord she, and my unsaved Dad (at that time) came into a tough financial trial. Our young family desperately needed $100.00. My Mom went to prayer and asked God to help us. The Lord distinctly impressed her to go and read the Bible. She got up to read her Bible but the Lord dealt with her to go and read her old Bible. She had gotten a new Bible and had placed the old one in the top of her closet. So she went to her closet and found the old frayed Bible that she had not read from for many years. When she opened it up to read it, there in the pages was a crisp one hundred dollar bill. Was the money there all the time? Had she forgotten it months earlier? Had some thoughtful Brother or Sister placed it there? Maybe. Or, maybe, just maybe, God put it there. Once again God had met our need and made known to us that He is ever in control.

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