Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beenie Weenie Story

My wife and I were married in June of 1982 and after our honeymoon we left to go to Bible College. Neither one of us had ever lived away from our parents so there were lot of learning experiences for us. As you can imagine money was tight at times. Many times when we had a need I would go over to the college post office to check the mail and there would be a check from one of our loved ones. Checking the mail was a real joy for us. There was one particular time that our food supply at home got very low. Our cabinets were low. We had several cans of pork and beans and some wieners and Terrie made “Beanie Weenies” all weekend. I was sick and tired of eating “Beanie Weenies”. Monday morning I got up early and prayed for the Lord to send us some money. I told Terrie, “I am going to my morning classes and afterward I will go and get the mail. God is going to send us some money. I felt very confident that God was going to send us money in the mail just like he had done before. When I checked the mail I was shocked when there was no money. I returned home dejected and disappointed because God had not brought any money to us in the mail. Seemingly God had failed us. I slowly walked home dreading having to tell my wife the bad news. When I opened the door Terrie was grinning from ear to ear. Before I could tell her the sad news she held up two one-hundred dollar bills. “I had a visitor while you were at class”, she said. Our Pastor, B. J. Starnes, had driven 300 miles to Waxahachie and stopped by our apartment and gave us $200.00. God had not failed us after all. He simply answered our prayer in a different way. God will answer payer but He may not answer the way you think he will.

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