Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Baby is Healed!

Mark Jr., or Mark Edward as we call him, was born in 1983. When he was born he had an Umbilical Hernia, which is a belly button that was pushing out. The doctor hoped that this would correct itself and did not want to do surgery on a new born baby so decided to put off doing anything until our son was a few months older. Time went by and it did not improve but began to grow worse and worse until the skin ruptured and started bleeding. Our baby was in severe pain. Terrie took Mark Edward to the doctor during the week and the doctor said that surgery needed to be performed the next Monday. Sunday morning we got up and doctored the raw and bleeding belly button, and dressed Mark Jr. in a baby jumpsuit and we went to Church at Hillister Assembly of God. The Pastor was out of town and the Assistant Pastor was conducting the morning service. At the end of the service he called for a prayer line, something that we had never seen happen at this church before, and we took Mark Jr. up for prayer. There was no great shaking or no great feeling when we prayed. After Church we went to our apartment 17 miles away at Bible College and when we got home Terrie took Mark Edward to our bedroom to change his diaper and clothes. I heard a loud shout from the room and ran back to see what was wrong – nothing was wrong. God had healed our baby! Mark Edward was lying on the bed and his belly button was normal. No bleeding, no inflammation, no swelling, and no discoloration. We took him back to the doctor and he confirmed that our baby was healed and that he would not need surgery. Sometime between the time when we left home to go to Church until we returned, God had miraculously healed our baby.

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  1. Awesome! Yahweh is good all the time, and oh so personal. - Lahry


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