Friday, February 4, 2011

Night the Devil Visited Our Home

While we were the Youth Pastor’s at Imperial Valley Assembly of God in Houston, God sent a mighty revival among the young people.  Our Saturday night Youth Services had grown to the point where other churches had begun to attend.  On one Saturday night we cast the devil out of a young man.  The other young man with him threatened us and said that he was going to put a curse on us.  We were not worried for we knew that our God was greater than the enemy.  A few nights later I was awakened from sleep and I felt the devil in our bedroom.  I was lying on the bed facing my wife with my back to the rest of the room and I could feel the enemy standing at my side of the bed, right behind me.  I started to turn and the Lord spoke in my spirit and said, “Don’t look or fear will grip your heart”.  I immediately started to pray.  My wife awoke a few minutes later and I told her not to look and we joined together in prayer.  A few minutes afterward the Holy Ghost flooded our home and the enemy had to go.  God will always cause us to triumph over the enemy.

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