Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jeff & Shirley Manuel Give Us Tires at Christmas (1983)

My wife and I made friends with another couple, Jeff & Shirley Manuel, while in Bible College that shared our same interests: their marriage had been within days of our, they were called to preach this Gospel, and they enjoyed good fellowship.  We spent many wonderful times together. 

A few weeks before the college Christmas break Jeff came and wanted to borrow our 1977 Chevy Blazer so he could pick up a Christmas tree and bring it home.  I offered to go and help but he said he wanted just the two of them to go.  When he got back he took the tree to his apartment and then brought me the keys.  He said to me, “Come out here I want to show you something on your Blazer.”  I was wondering if maybe he had scratched it or something.  It was almost dark and he pointed low on the vehicle.  I looked at the side looking for a scratch but he said, “Does anything look different about the tires?”  When I looked at the tires I realized that he had replaced all four of the bald tires on our blazer with brand new ones.  Terrie and I were overwhelmed by their generosity because they, like us, were living from day to day with very little income.  God always knows how to bless the gifted and the giver.

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